*Photo from a past volunteer event before COVID-19.

“Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch. For the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.” Anonymous

While the original source of that quote is unknown, it could certainly be attributed to the leadership team at PIMCO. As a company, PIMCO believes in giving back to effect meaningful social change, both locally and globally. A pillar of their corporate responsibility efforts is the Purpose at PIMCO initiative where employees are encouraged to give, act, and advocate. Through this initiative, PIMCO volunteers have supported our Club events and participated in mentorship opportunities with our members for several years.

Recently, PIMCO volunteers have taken action in a number of ways to make a positive, meaningful impact in our Club community.

  • As part of the Purpose at PIMCO focus on hunger, they provided manpower at two food distribution events at our Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana, ensuring food-insecure families have access to necessities.
  • PIMCO volunteers led a STEAM Tower engineering activity with our Club members via Zoom, engaging members both in summer program at our Club sites and those joining the event through our virtual programming.
  • A group of PIMCO volunteers guided members from our College Bound program through a month-long virtual series designed to enhance our students’ networking, communication, and other life skills as they relate to college and career pathways. We had about 10 PIMCO volunteers in each session, which enabled them to breakout into groups with College Bound students for small group discussions.

“PIMCO supports the Boys & Girls Club because the entire team has demonstrated year over year the profound impact they are making on the students and families that they serve. They are mentors and champions to each student they serve, and we’re honored to play a small part in that,” said Elizabeth Eckman, Senior Associate, Corporate Responsibility at PIMCO.

With support from partners like PIMCO, our collective impact can affect greater change and outcomes in the lives of our Club members and families and in our communities. We are grateful to those who are committed to finding innovative ways to help our youth reach their full potential and ensure they have access to the tools they need to pursue greatness, especially during difficult times.