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Launched in 2014, College Bound is a college and career readiness program that operates year-round to ensure that high school students graduate on time with a plan for their future. 

Students receive the individualized guidance, encouragement and resources they need to set and obtain their educational goals, whether that be through college, military, or trade school pursuits. The program also includes workshops and support for parents, since many of our graduates are the first in their families to pursue education beyond high school.

What College Bound Supports

  • Academic Advising
    Advisors help students explore their academic interests and develop a plan to reach their educational goals

  • Financial Aid
    Helping students and their families navigate the complicated financial aid process and help them get the funding they need

  • College Admissions
    Helping students create a plan and prepare necessary applications for their chosen college institution

  • Scholarship Opportunities
    Working with students to identify available scholarships to ease the financial burden on their post-high school education

  • Career Exploration
    Guide students in an assessment or their skills and interests to help them identify future career options

  • Parent Engagement
    Ensuring parents are engaged in all aspects of their child’s journey through the College Bound program

In addition to the offerings listed above, we are continuing to offer virtual webinars sessions because we see the value that these events have for our College Bound members. Please see our upcoming webinars and events below.

Satellite Office

At the end of 2023, we launched our official College Bound Satellite Office! Located in a shopping center just walking distance from Saddleback and Segerstrom High Schools in Santa Ana, this innovative space allows us to provide year-round college and career readiness support. Come check it out!

Address: 2860 S. Bristol St., Suite B, Santa Ana, CA

Hours: Mon-Fri, 12:30pm-5:30pm



Where can I start exploring different careers?2022-02-14T10:14:08-08:00
  • The following are online resources to start the process
    • MTBI Test: Evaluates Personality and matches to potential careers
    • Holland-Code Test: Evaluates Interests and matches to potential careers
    • California Career Zone: Compare your Values and Skills with current job market trends
What types of financial aid are available?2022-02-01T12:59:51-08:00
What topics can I learn about within this domain?2022-02-01T13:23:20-08:00
  • Active listening, conflict & resolution, embracing change, goal setting, self-advocacy, self-care, sleep wellness, time management, undocumented student resources, and much more!
What should I prepare while in high school for the post-high school job market?2022-02-14T11:01:35-08:00
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Networking Skills
  • Social Media Etiquette
What is Parent Engagement?2022-02-01T13:03:13-08:00
  • Parent Engagement involves providing information to parents and families about ways to support their students to complete their high school education as well as have a plan after high school.
  • This component specializes in providing resources and other crucial information to parents/families in order for them to be on the same page as their children. Providing information on:
    • High school graduation requirements
    • Financial aid
    • Pathways after high school
    • Senior year timeline
    • University acceptance requirements
What is Emotional Intelligence?2022-02-01T13:22:05-08:00
  • Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. It is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.
  • Five Key Elements—self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills
What are the pathways available for students to pursue after high school?2022-02-01T13:04:52-08:00
  • There are 6 career pathways available after graduating high school
    • 4-year College
    • Community College
    • Technical or Trade School
    • Armed Forces
    • Gap Year program
    • Working Full-Time
  • Please reference our Pathways After High School webinar
How do I select a major?2022-02-01T13:09:20-08:00
  • When selecting a major, it is important to
    • Asses yourself: Understand your strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interests
    • Conduct your research: research jobs career paths that fit your interests and abilities
    • Take action Gain experience in order to figure out what you’re passionate about
    • Evaluate and make your Major decisions: Put together the information you have collected
  • Please reference the Major Exploration webinar
How do I select a college to attend?2022-02-01T13:08:20-08:00
  • Some factors to consider when selecting a college are:
    • Types of colleges
    • Majors
    • Location
    • Cost
    • Campus setting
    • Student life
  • Please reference the Choosing a College webinar
How do I manage money as a student?2022-02-01T13:01:29-08:00
How do I find the right career?2022-02-14T10:04:53-08:00
  • Career exploration and development is a lifelong process. Finding the “right” career requires that individuals evaluate their own VIPS
    • Values
    • Interests
    • Personality
    • Skills
  • High school students can learn more about their own VIPS through:
    • High School and College Classes
    • Internship and Job Opportunities
    • Extra-Curricular Activities and Sports
    • Clubs and Community Service
How do I create balance in my life?2022-02-01T13:25:43-08:00
  • How do I create more balance in my life?
    • To create more balance in your life, a few suggestions are—
      • Reflect on how you are doing mentally/physically
      • List all your priorities
      • Plan out your tasks by daily, weekly, or monthly
      • Ensure to include “me time”- Self Care!
      • Know your limits
      • Ask for help/support

                        *Need help developing a plan? Schedule an appointment with a College Bound advisor.

Questions or Comments?
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