In September 2023, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast merged with Youth Employment Service (YES) to address the workforce gap and deepen our impact in the community by expanding and enhancing resources for Orange County’s youth and corporate community.

For 53 years, YES was a leader for workforce development dedicating itself to equipping young adults, ages 16-24, with the essential skills needed for securing and sustaining meaningful employment.

As part of our post-merger strategy, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast has developed two new initiatives to reach more young people who often fall through the cracks of service and make a deeper investment in our future leaders and workforce.

YES Workforce Development serves clients ages 16-24 offering a range of resources and opportunities aimed at cultivating their professional soft skills and empowering our clients to not only excel beyond graduation but also seamlessly transition into the workforce.

YES Workforce Solutions aids Orange County employers in identifying and accessing a pool of qualified entry-level candidates.

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YES Workforce Development serves young adults ages 16-24 with the skills needed to secure and maintain meaningful employment and to offer programs that help them improve their employability, career choices and quality of life.

Our goal is to help youth find meaningful jobs in their communities, where they will learn the value of work, grow their skills, and contribute to the economy while enhancing their well-being and that of their families.

Through the collaborative efforts of our dedicated volunteers and esteemed corporate partners, we strive to provide equitable access to a range of career opportunities, ensuring that young adults can transition seamlessly into the workforce post-graduation and secure jobs that offer a livable wage.

Workshops & Services

  • Employment Skills

    This interactive, two-hour workshop empowers students to excel by providing valuable insights into the application process, helping them identify their unique skills and strengths, craft an effective elevator pitch, and boost their confidence for successful interviews.

  • Personal Finance
    Gain essential financial literacy skills from local banking partners. Learn about managing paychecks, opening bank accounts, budgeting, and establishing and maintaining good credit.

  • Mock Interviews
    Students will experience one-on-one mock interviews with local business professionals to refine their presentation skills, boost their confidence, and benefit from real-time professional feedback.

All workshops and services are held in-person. To partner with us or learn more on how to get involved, please contact our Director of YES Workforce Development, Michelle Tachick.

YES Workforce Solutions collaborates with Orange County employers to locate and engage career-ready youth searching for internships, externships, apprenticeships, and entry-level positions. Through our close partnership with young adults from the YES Workforce Development program, we are able to provide skilled candidates eager to enter the workforce and prepared to apply to opportunities featured on our Job Board.

Click above to access our Job Board

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If you are an employer and would like more information on how to partner with us on our job board, please contact our Director of YES Workforce Solutions, Pepper Russell, IOM.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Mock Interviews

    As a Mock Interview Coach, you will be paired with students who have completed our comprehensive Employment Skills Class. Your role is to simulate a genuine job interview, providing students with a realistic and constructive experience. By guiding them through the interview process, you’ll play a crucial role in enhancing their confidence, self-awareness, and presentation skills.

  • Resume Consultations

    As a Resume Consultant, you will work one-on-one with clients to craft compelling resumes and impactful cover letters that complement their resumes.

  • Employment Skills Facilitator

    As an Employment Skills Facilitator, you will lead engaging 2-hour workshops designed to equip participants with fundamental skills crucial for job seekers. Your role includes:

    • Guide participants on how to properly fill out job applications, emphasizing key details that can make their applications stand out.
    • Help participants understand the art of crafting a compelling resume.
    • Assist participants in developing and delivering a concise and impactful “tell me about yourself” elevator pitch.
  • Customer Service Facilitator

    As a Customer Service Facilitator, you will lead engaging workshops aimed at equipping participants with highly sought-after skills that are crucial in any professional setting. You will teach the fundamentals skills needed to succeed in industry or position, including skills like:

    • communication, customer service, conflict resolution, job retention skills and personal branding.

If you are interested in making an impact in a young adults life and volunteering at an upcoming opportunity, please view all our volunteer opportunities or contact our Volunteer Team at [email protected]

Connect with our Directors

Dir. of YES Workforce Development -Michelle Tachick

Michelle Tachick

Director of YES Workforce Development

Clients and school partners please email Michelle at [email protected]

Pepper Russell, IOM

Director of YES Workforce Solutions

Employers in Orange County please email Pepper at [email protected]