Here at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast, we work to ensure every member that walks through our doors builds positive life-long memories, achieves their greatest potential, and inspires future generations.

Our Club Learning Experience helps our youth foster curiosity through hands-on activities, enabling them to create, develop, and experiment through a variety of projects. This month’s theme is Conservation, an opportunity for our Club members to learn how to be environmentally friendly and what affects our planet Earth. The goal is to spark curiosity and interest so they can share with their peers and community the importance on why we need to take care of our planet.

A few of their favorite enrichment activities focused on climate change through a “Colorful Corals” activity and a “Breaking the Ice” science experiment where they learned what a healthy ocean ecosystem looks liked and the effects of global warming on Earth’s ice caps. They also learned healthy environmental habits through a “Conservation Challenge” and how to repurpose and upcycle recycled items through a “You Can, I Can, Repurpose a Tin Can” activity.

At the end of every activity, members understand that learning how the environment is changing is important but also take away tips on what they can do to help. Here are some tips they came up with to help reduce your own personal footprint and be environmentally friendly:

  • Save electricity
  • Take showers, and less baths
  • Don’t buy bottled water
  • Walk or bike if you can
  • Explore the outdoors and enjoy nature
  • Reduce the amount of things you use and throw away
  • Reuse things when you can
  • Recycle bottles, paper, cans, and toys

We want to know what you do to be environmentally friendly, how are you celebrating this Earth Day?

If you would like to learn more about our programs and how we are strengthening our youth future generations, we invite you to take a tour. Our themes change every month and are designed to help youth develop the skills, experiences, and competencies needed to be successful in life.