“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss.

Read Across America Day is a nationwide celebration of reading and literacy held on March 2nd, also the birthday of Dr. Seuss. This special day aims to promote the joy of reading and inspire children of all ages to embrace the wonders of literature. From engaging read-a-loud and book-sharing activities to colorful celebrations honoring Dr. Seuss’s timeless stories, Read Across America Day encourages communities to come together and ignite a lifelong passion for reading in young minds.

At our Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast, we embraced the spirit of Read Across America Day throughout our sites. With volunteers from Partners Bank of California and Rotary Club of Irvine, we dressed in vibrant costumes to honor Dr. Seuss’s birthday, bringing stories to life through animated readings, sparking imaginations and fostering a love for literature.

The Rotary Club of Irvine has participated in Read Across America Day for several years at the Boys & Girls Club, donating books for children of all ages and spending time reading to the youth. Two of their longtime members share their experience.

“I really enjoyed this event and think it’s great that the Boys & Girls Club is promoting reading, even after school hours. Certainly, the children in our group were already good readers. The children were a delight to read to and they were very keen to take turns reading to us – and a couple of them even tried reading upside down as that’s what Jutta and I were doing.” – Gillian Bradshaw

“This is one of my favorite events the Club participates in. I brought my 20-year-old son and husband with me, and we all had a good time. We are all avid readers and believe in getting children interested in books at a young age. The event is great because as we get older, we forget how delightful young children can be. Seeing their faces and hearing from them was very joyful. I would recommend to anyone to take an hour of your life and read to young children at the Boys & Girls Club. Their enthusiasm and joy are well worth it.”  – Anabella Bonfa

Our Early Literacy program is a crucial component of our Academic Reinforcement initiative, providing young members with essential literacy and math support to ensure they perform at grade level. By addressing the literacy gap and meeting participants at their current reading level, we empower them to excel academically and develop crucial reading skills.

By engaging in read-aloud sessions, our mentors model fluency and reading strategies, demonstrating proper pronunciation, intonation, and expression. Through this practice, members learn to read with confidence and comprehend texts more effectively.

We recognize the importance of read-a-louds in nurturing a child’s cognitive development and language skills. Read-a-louds expose children to rich vocabulary, complex sentence structures, and diverse literary genres, expanding their linguistic repertoire and fueling their imagination.

We believe that by asking before, during, and after reading questions, we employ comprehension strategies to enhance understanding and engagement. By asking thought-provoking questions and facilitating discussions, we deepen our young members’ comprehension of the text, encourage critical thinking, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for literature.

As we reflect on our Read Across America Day festivities, we’re reminded of the profound impact that literacy has on young minds. Through the magic of storytelling, we unlock the door to a world of creativity, imagination, and endless possibilities. Our Boys & Girls Club remains steadfast in our commitment to nurturing a love of reading and empowering future generations to write their own stories of success.

Visit HERE to learn more about our Early Literacy program, or to find out about future volunteer opportunities, visit HERE or contact our Resource Development Coordinator, Giselle Soltero at [email protected].