Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast recently launched a partnership with Hope Center for the Arts (HOPE) – a nonprofit organization offering a multi-faceted visual and performing arts therapy program to adults ages 22 and up with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

For more than 40 years, Hope Center for the Arts has given nearly 600 artists with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to pursue their love of music and art, promoting a sense of honor and dignity in their work. HOPE’s programs are designed to help artists discover and display their talents, interests, and motivation with the arts through a variety of classes that guide these artists toward reaching their full potential.

Through this partnership, we are providing space at our newly redeveloped Boys & Girls Club of Irvine for HOPE to deliver its programs and services to its artists. These programs – including music and theater performing arts, studio and horticulture visual arts, vocational and life enrichment, and therapy services – are administered during daytime hours while our Club members are in school, giving HOPE access to the entire Club facility.

“By combining our two strong organizations and powerful missions, we can make a greater collective impact in Orange County,” stated Robert Santana, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast. “We’re excited to welcome Hope Center for the Arts and their artists into our Club family.”

To learn more about Hope Center for the Arts, their programs, and their history, visit their website at