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As a member of a strong family unit, children are more likely to realize their own individual greatness. Our Family Strengthening program focuses on educating, empowering and equipping parents with resources and skills to improve their families education, finances and health.

Through a strategic network of nonprofit and community partners, our Club offers programs in financial literacy, high school equivalency, healthy cooking, English as a Second Language (ESL), parenting, physical fitness and many more.  Programs are offered in both English and Spanish.

Classes and workshops take place in our facility during the day while children are in school, with childcare provided free of charge for children ages 2-5. We believe that only through strengthening the entire family unit can we increase the odds of success for the children we serve.

This Club has supported me and my family in ways I never would have thought possible. Without the Club, I never would have accomplished my goal of graduating high school! My kids were my motivation. It is important for them to know how valuable education is. With five kids, it was hard making time for myself, but it was worth it because it has changed my life for the better.

-Ariana Solano, Family Strengthening Member

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana

Joe MacPherson Center for Opportunity

950 West Highland Street
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Our Family Strengthening program is currently offered at the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana.  As we look to strengthen and expand all of our programs, we are working to expand Family Strengthening to positively impact the families at all our Club locations.

BGC Santa Ana Club Entrance

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