Coding at Boys & Girls Club of Newport Beach

By Caryn Bailey | | November 11, 2019

The decision to go back to work was not an easy one. I thoroughly enjoyed staying home with my kids, but I constantly felt that pull to use my knowledge and skills as a nurse. For many parents like myself, child care can be the deciding factor when it comes to re-entering the work force. And for our family, that was the reason why I worked from home. I first learned about the Boys and Girls Club from a parent who’s son was friends with my kids. Located in major cities across Orange County, these clubs combine youth programming with mentorship. Four Boys & Girls Club locations have just undergone redevelopment, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to continue inspiring kids to Pursue Greatness.

My kids are all-too-familiar with after-school programs, often tag-teaming to negotiate their way out. After much pleading by my kids, we finally had an opportunity to tour our local Boys & Girls Club over the summer. My son was drawn to the technology that permeated the club. I realized for the first time that our own center is more than just an after-school club, much like the clubs across Orange County.

There are 5 Boys & Girls Club locations that comprise Central Orange Coast, including Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange, and Santa Ana. For nearly 80 years, these clubs have provided a safe place for kids, while equipping them for the future.

Strategic programming and mentorship are combined to provide kids with the skills they need to graduate high school, pursue a higher education, and become part of the working world. The five clubs included in Central Orange Coast have been recognized as the most innovative in the nation, combining academics, fitness, and enrichment activities on-site.

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