We believe that when the entire community comes together, our collective impact can affect greater change and outcomes in the lives of those we serve. loanDepot believes that too.

The company has been a strong supporter of our Club for the past two years and has increased the level of support in recent months in response to the COVID-19 crisis that has affected every aspect of our daily lives, especially for those in vulnerable communities.

At the onset of the crisis, loanDepot made an immediate gift of $50,000 to support the strategies we implemented to serve our community’s most urgent needs: emergency childcare services, food distribution events, and virtual programming for our Club members. Members from Team loanDepot began working with us to provide hands-on volunteer support to help distribute food and resources at our Santa Ana Club.

As the crisis continued to develop, loanDepot kept a close watch on the resulting effects so it could provide further support where it was needed most. As part of the company’s $1 million commitment to provide relief to the communities it serves, loanDepot also donated brand new laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots for families in our Santa Ana community so students could stay connected to their schools’ distance learning and virtual programming.

During difficult times, there are some truths we can count on: our community is strong and resilient, our partners will be there to step up and do the right thing when our community is in need of support, and our collective impact can affect greater outcomes for those who need us most.

Thank you, loanDepot, for your unwavering support during these challenging times.