Do you remember the adult in your life who made you feel like you could do anything? That’s the power of a great mentor.

Here at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast, our mission is to ensure every child has mentors and champions in life. We believe greatness exists in every child, and through the power of positive mentorship, we can change a child’s trajectory for a lifetime.

“I believe having a mentor is important because they inspire you to make better choices and help you accomplish your goals.” – Davelyn, 6th grade.

In Mr. Ozzie’s tween group at the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana, you hear the impact he’s had in his members’ lives. In addition to providing a holistic approach to youth development, Mentor Professional Mr. Ozzie goes above and beyond to make sure every member has a champion in their life. He makes sure his Club members all feel they have someone to trust and talk to, and gives them an outlet to express themselves creatively.

“During my time here, I have built a relationship with every member that walks through those doors. I believe it’s important to be accessible to youth and let them know you are there for them and they have a voice even when they do not feel heard.”

Our mentor-focused programs and services are designed to help our members build 21st century skills so they can reach their full potential. Our job is to ensure every member that visits our Club has the opportunity to grow, explore, and discover in a fun, stress-free environment that also supports their social-emotional needs.

“Since meeting Mr. Ozzie and coming to the Boys & Girls Club, I have had the courage to speak up more and advocate for myself. I enjoy our conversations and all the new things he teaches me,” – Isaac, 7th grade.

Our Club promises to provide every youth and teen within our reach a first-class mentoring experience and the support systems he or she needs to pursue greatness. By making an impact in our member’s lives, they become inspired to explore new passions, gain new perspectives, enhance their self-confidence, and prepare for success.

With your support of our mentor-focused programs and services, our collective impact helps all Club kids reach their greatest potential. We hope you will continue to support our kids on their journeys to success and the days in the future when they can look back on their Club experiences and know that their time here made a positive difference in their lives.