Our entire organization is saddened and outraged about the tragic death of George Floyd and too many others, as well as the actions outside of those voicing their guaranteed right of peaceful protest. We unequivocally stand against racism and discrimination in all forms.

As a Boys & Girls Club, we have a nearly 80-year history of standing for the future of America’s children. We stand for safety, health, dignity, and equitable opportunity. Today, we continue to commit ourselves to fostering change for this country in the communities we serve.

Our kids come to the Club and learn that society doesn’t get to determine their life’s trajectory. We strive to ensure our youth have the tools, skills, and resources needed to pursue greatness and reach their full potential, regardless of their zip code, background, or ethnicity. We remain committed to giving each member the opportunity to feel safe, heard, and empowered and to know they have a voice, and we encourage them to stand up for what is right. We are an organization built on love, compassion, and service for every youth we have the privilege of serving. Now more than ever, that commitment continues.

We continue to be mentors and champions for youth, strengthen our families, and build our communities through a lens of equity for all.