Meet Bella. This year, Bella is scheduled to begin third grade at Santiago Elementary School in Santa Ana on August 10. She heard from her neighbor that third grade is challenging, and she’s a little nervous after COVID-19 disrupted her second grade year. But Bella is ready. As a Club member for the past three years, she has worked hard to improve her reading and technology skills. Thanks to you and your support of our Club programs, she is ready for the new school year and the academic challenges it promises. She is ready to pursue her personal greatness.


At Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast, our Back-to-School campaign emphasizes school-year readiness, equipping each child with the support he or she needs for success during the coming year. While we don’t know what the next school year will look like, we do know it will be significantly different than any year before. Especially now, we have to ensure our kids are prepared for success when the new school year begins.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, one thing has become very clear: our kids need us now more than ever. Our Club is committed to continuing to support youth through this difficult time, both academically and on a social-emotional level. Through our Camp Ohana summer program at our Club sites and our ongoing virtual programs, we are working to help them make up some of what they lost with the disruption to their school year. Both are designed with a variety of enrichment activities to help keep members academically motivated and socially connected.

Whether it’s a mentor to help students navigate academic challenges or simply a backpack filled with school supplies, these things make a BIG impact for success in school and in life. Please consider making a gift to our Club’s Back-to-School campaign providing vital mentorship and support to help our youth pursue greatness—even in times of uncertainty.

No matter what comes our way, we will continue to fulfill our mission and meet the needs of our community. Your support enables us to serve those who need us most. We thank you for being a part of our mission, and we thank you for investing in our youth.